Using our water level sensors and the power of the Internet we can help you keep track of your water usage from anywhere in the world.

If you own a home, apartment complex or condominium, with the installation of our sensors and communication device, you now have the necessary tools to help keep you informed as to your water usage, current and future needs. Our systems are easy to install, and can be done in as little as 3hr.

Don’t wait until you run out of water; know in advance, not only how much water you have in your tank, but based on your daily average usage, "how many day/s of water you have remaining".

Those who keep water usage and cost at minimal levels routinely monitor usage. The etank website helps you to routinely take readings of your water situation and analyze current water consumption.

When water delivery bill or current usage is higher than expected, you are now better informed and prepared to take action to verify and solve the problem. Taking water management in to your own hands can provides some key benefits: -

  • Minimizes lag time between a major leak occurring, and you finding out.
  • Verify water deliveries. Compare your information with of that the supplier: Do they make sense?